Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get Into the Flow

Do not let any record company disturb your creative flow. You are not writing for the record company. You're writing for the public. 
Grandmaster Flash 

Get in the flow. The most productive writing is when we are in the flow - when you don't want to stop writing, even if you are going to be late to work.

To get into the flow, as we know, is not that easy. But there are some things we can do to guide ourselves to that point:

1. Vie for a distraction-less environment. The less distractions, the more chance you have to get in the flow.

2. Your favorite music can help, but make it a long playlist or an album so that you don't have to keep changing the songs. 

3. Before you sit down to write, make sure you have covered your essentials - water, any break you needed, notes for your story etc.

With these three things, a writer can have a better chance to get into the flow. 

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