Saturday, October 16, 2010

Absolute Persistence

I like myself better when I'm writing regularly. 
- Willie Nelson

We all have heard of hard work and the daily practice of writing. But even if we put in our daily work and keep a tight focus on our writing (not being scattered-brain about how we write), how much production time do we actually invest in our practice? Sadly, becoming an accomplished writer takes more than putting pen to paper a little bit each day. It takes hours, many hours per day to achieve your goal.

Set a fixed amount of time to write every day. For me, it is four hours a day on weekdays and two hours a day on weekend days. It doesn't matter to me if it is two in the morning and I still have two hours to write. I will finish my writing time. But if I absolutely can't afford that, then I add the time I didn't complete on the next day. 

Each set time will be different for each writer, but make sure it fits your goals and you are not skimping on your potential. If you are an unbelievably awesome writer and think you only need two hours a day, go ahead. But then again, wouldn't you be even better on four hours a day? 
Being disciplined is not a choice for a writer - it is the difference between a habit and a career. So choose wisely.  

FYI: Here is a great blog post with a more in-depth view of this topic:

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