Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Don't Always Have to Act Like a Writer to Be One

Above is a documentary about Leonardo da Vinci, the complete genius. We can't all be a da Vinci, but we can aspire to have his balance and curiosity in knowledge.

Writers love the writing life - or maybe they don't. Either way, acting like a writer all the time can be tiring. Writing can get tiring. Wanting your writing to be perfect can be tiring.

As a writer, it is better to be an eclectic personality. Study many other subjects: science, history, agriculture, botany, even mathematics. Besides being a writer, I am also an accomplished musician and theoretical mathematician. These subjects have added to my writing immensely - and have made me more sane.

To be a healthy writer, study many other academic areas besides writing. All the other fields you have studied will come pouring in your writing as character descriptions, scene details, metaphor and associations not possible without knowing many different subjects simultaneously.

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