Friday, October 22, 2010

Arbitrary Writing Office

The classic idea of a writer is a person who shuts themself (dictionaries don't like "themself," but I do) off from society - and when they join society it is only to give a reading or join in intellectual parties. There are writers like that - no doubt - but the majority of writers like to mix it up. 

Instead of staying inside your room to write, why not travel to a nice cafe, library, or park: I'm in Starbucks right now, editing this post. Sometimes the act of moving aids your writing as well. Taking a bus or train can prove to be productive for writing. Not only do you get interesting characters right in front of you, you get a real slideshow of landscapes and scenes going across you all the time.

A home or personal room has its benefits, but writing solely in that environment can inhibit writer's block and well, lack of being human. We are social race - unless you think writer's are a separate race, I think getting outside is a good idea.

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